Broadscale Group is a new model of investment firm working with leading corporations and other strategic partners to invest in and commercialize the most promising market-ready innovations.


We have been engaged by a Network of leading energy and industrial companies to source strategic investment and partnership opportunities that will make them more competitive.  For growth-stage companies, we offer streamlined access to strategic sources of capital, distribution, and demand.  

We believe the key to unlocking progress in most industries is combining the drive, creativity, and technological advances of the best entrepreneurial companies with the market knowledge and reach of well-established leaders who embrace "open innovation."  Capital is necessary, but not sufficient.  New models of collaboration are needed.

Broadscale is the first clearinghouse of this kind, created to address the market challenges that have prevented viable technologies from achieving mainstream success.  This is particularly true in the energy and resource industries, where sizable capital requirements, complex regulations, and long adoption periods often prevent promising technologies from reaching commercial scale. For this reason, and due to the dramatic changes underway in the utility sector, we started our firm with a focus on electric power and related infrastructure.  

While our work builds on the experience of investment funds, merchant banks, and technology accelerators, Broadscale is a new kind of organization.  We leverage our deep relationships with leaders at large corporations, strategic investors, and growth companies to connect the right market participants, align their financial interests, and partner with them to turn innovation into impact.



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